BETPL is committed to transparency and integrity in the workplace. We promise the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethical behaviour in all our dealings. Hence we have a Vigil Mechanism Policy to ensure whistleblowers get a safe hearing.

At BETPL, we pledge to combat and prevent bribery and corruption. We are committed to safeguard and promote legitimate business within the company, its subsidiaries, vendors, contractors and others. Our policy aims to avoid prejudicing anyone’s objectivity during contracts, negotiations etc.

BETPL promises to provide a fair work environment that is free from all forms of harassment. All employees are required to treat their subordinates, colleagues and superiors with mutual respect and dignity. Harassment of any kind, be it verbal, physical or sexual will be prevented and deterred using this policy.

At BETPL, we understand that social, environmental, health and safety protection are an integral part of our business. We ensure that our operations are accomplished with highest regard to SEHS protection . We provide continuous improvement, support and training to safeguard all our stakeholders including road users, local communities and interested parties.